How important is money when choosing a life partner?

The truth is that money makes the world go round. Even the bible says that money answers all thing - Ecclesiastes 9:1. Many would say that while it isn’t essential that a person is ‘loaded’ or very rich before getting married, it is important that anyone who is looking to get married is able to provide for himself or herself and is able to manage resources well. Why is this important? The ability to earn money is key in maintaining a family and many woman do look for a man who can provide for his family and many men look for a woman who has the ability to contribute to the household income. Indeed many men would not marry a woman today if she doesnt have a career. But a job today, can be gone tomorrow. More important, i think, than what job the person does presently is the ability to be productive in the long term.

When assessing a potential spouse’s ability to provide in the long term, consider things such as

  • What is his or her past work history?

  • Has he or she consistently held down a job?

  • Does he or she have a good attitude at work?

  • Is he or she diligent and hardworking?

  • Is he or she industrious?

  • Is he or she committed to developing and improving himself or herself continuously?

These questions are important because they show how employable a person is and their ability to earn or generate income which is a key part of looking after a family.

Several times, as a pastors wife, couples have come to tell me that they plan to get married and neither of them is employed. I always encourage them to wait. It’s one thing to be unemployed and single, it’s another to be married and unemployed. The latter brings added stress because of the reality of dependants and expectations of the other spouse. I know couples who have gone ahead nonetheless and ended up moving from place to place, bunking with parents and friends and borrowing money here and there – it was not an auspicious or honorable start to married life for them. This is not to say that one needs to be very rich or have tens of thousands in savings before he or she can get married, but it is certainly wise that at least one of the couple has an income, that they have a small place to rent that is theirs and a little amount saved where possible. It makes what can be a rocky time ( the early stages of married life where two are learning to becoming one) a little less rocky. Just my penny's worth ( pun intended) as you consider making the leap.

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