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Diana - Lessons from her Legacy (On the anniversary of 20 years of her passing)

It's funny how time changes things. At the time Princess Diana died, she was considered a bit of a loose cannon & her future was nebulous. In a sense, her premature death preserved her legacy. She was a complex individual and her personal relationships and life was chaotic to say the least.

Lessons from her legacy

What makes her an incredible role model was the ability to rise beyond her own problems and privilege and stretch herself towards the needy.

She was an incredible humanitarian. She had the common touch and was drawn to the sick and discarded of society. She was pictured touching aids victims and hugging black legless victims of war on her knees with the most amazing look of compassion and love in her eyes. In doing so, breaking prejudice and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Unlike the rest of the monarchy, she prioritised people over convention and tradition. She outgrew the traditional mode of princess and carved her own path. She was brave and pioneering and not afraid to stand her ground. Her influence was not positional but personal, based on who she was and how she approached her role. In just 36 years she blazed a trail across the world and became the people's princess all over the world. Although no longer a princess when she died, her impact on the world stage and popularity with the people demanded a royal burial. She poured out her life to people and in her death they repaid her with unparalleled support. The nation mourned and 20 years after her life, she continues to be celebrated.

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